Real Beverly Hills Housewife Taylor Armstrong share's her plastic surgery mottos

Taylor Armstrong appears on the reality show, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and has already publicly discussed her own plastic surgery and personal philosophy towards the matter. She oddly describes herself as “scary” before all her plastic surgery. The biggest difference in her facial appearance now, is that she is much thinner in the [...]

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The Many Faces of Emily Blunt

Emily Blunt is now almost unrecognizable from her Hollywood debut back in 2003. This English Rose has amassed quite a few nips and tucks. Lip augmentation, rhinoplasty, chin implant, cheek implants, and veneers. Why do I think she has chin and cheek implants? Her face looks wider across and lengthwise. Above, on the left, is [...]

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Marlo Thomas

Quite simply, I think Marlo Thomas’ work is overdone to the point that she looks like a different person. Her brow lift, rhinoplasty, veneers, facelift, etc are just overdone. Discuss on our forums.

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The Many Faces Of Fergie

I stumbled upon a 2004 photo of singer Fergie and compared it to a 2010 photo. I think the plastic surgery procedures she chose are not in harmony with each other. I detect a browlift, veneers, rhinoplasty, some minor lip augmentation, plus facial fillers and botox. All of it was too much, too soon.

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Katie Price decides to channel Mr Ed

Mr Ed was a famous talking horse back in old days of film. Quite predictably, he had huge teeth and as many celebrities get veneers, I like to think they are trying to bring back the ‘good old days’ by channeling him. Because veneers just look weird on most wearers.

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Jaime Bergman

Jaime Bergman is a Hollywood wife and the wronged half in the latest scandal involving a Tiger Woods mistress (hubby David Boreanaz shared mistress Rachel Uchitel with the golfer). Jaime has been out of the Hollywood limelight for the past several years and re-emerged last year looking slimmer, among other things (new nose, botox, veneers, [...]

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Nicole Kidman – new lips and new teeth

I am pretty sure Nicole Kidman has lip implants (as I mentioned before). I also believe she has veneers and had her gum line reduced. It is completely strange the way she has had almost all her natural facial features operated on and replaced (nose, eyes, brow, teeth, lips, etc).

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Here comes the Bride of Frankenstein

Here comes the Bride of Frankenstein. No, not really, it is just madame to the stars, Heidi Fleiss. She needs to lay off the upper lip filler, brow lifts, veneers, rhinoplasty, and facelifts, because none of it is working for her. Discuss here.

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When politicians go plastic

(via downwithtyranny) Fix your teeth and raise the bridge of your nose. Yep, looks like that tactic worked wonders for former MN senator Norm Coleman who lost his battle for re-election last year to entertainer Al Franken.

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Melissa Rivers in People Magazine discussing plastic surgery

Apparently, there is some ridiculous people magazine article where Melissa Rivers (yes, the daughter of one of the scariest plastic surgeried celebrities alive) is defending her use of botox. Sure, Melissa, as if Botox was the only plastic surgery procedure you were familiar with; those of us who’ve watched you since you were a teenager [...]

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