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Victoria Beckham Franken-boob


Victoria Beckham has what looks like a scary Franken-boob. A fan of the site sent me this photo of her. If the photo is undoctored, then her breast looks hard and very fake. Breast enhancements do not look good on women who do not have enough skin and tissue to adequately cover the implant.

Beckham has the ugliest breasts in Hollywood. Kate Beckinsale apparently has rectified her situation.

The Ten Worst Celebrity Boob Jobs


This site has a list of ‘The Ten Worst Celebrity Boob Jobs’, click here to view. The usual suspects are there (Victoria Beckham, Courtney Love, Pamela Anderson) along with some surprises like Janet Jackson and Ivanka Trump. Vivica gets the top spot for worst celebrity boob job, which I disagree with. In my opinion, Victoria Beckham has the worst breast implants, because hers look like orange halves attached to her chest. Do you think Vicki will hate me for writing this? Probably, so let’s make fun of her breasts some more, click here or here.

The site also offers a peak at the gross right nipple of Pamela Anderson, which looks oddly placed and weathered (I suppose multiple breast implant surgeries will do that to you).