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Taylor Dane

Occupation: Singer - Songwriter

Big Break: Tell It To My Heart (1987)

Home: Long Island - Los Angeles


Official Website:

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Plastic Surgery: facelift - rhinoplasty - botox -lip augmentation

Taylor Dane is a nice Jewish girl from Long Island who made in big in the 80s singing dance music hits. Her biggest hit song is 'Tell It To My Heart'.

Lately, Taylor Dane looks a bit tired. She's had another rhinoplasty (did you think the her old nose in the 80s was her original one? Ha!), plus the lip augmentation, a facelift, and botox.

taylor dane then and now
Before and After - what do you think?
taylor shows off her lip implants
Taylor shows off her lip implants.
taylor dane in the 90s
Taylor Dane in the 90s before she went the Jocelyn Wildenstein route.
taylor dane's most recent rhinoplasty
Taylor Dane's most recent rhinoplasty. Yuck. Too pointy and I hate the bridge implant.

Taylor sings 'Tell It To My Heart'.